Draw distance culling driving me nuts

I have created an item that is derived from the standing torch, modified the model and replaced the particle effect with one of the overland supply crate beams. The problem I’m having is that no matter what I change I can’t stop it from disappearing at about 25000 units distance. I can take my modified beam particle effect and drop it directly into the world and it does not disappear however as soon as I attach it to the item blueprint I get the culling issue.

I’ve been trying to set the Desire Max Draw distance on various nodes in the item stack to very large numbers and to 0 and it seems to have no effect. It feels like there is something overriding the value somewhere. Does anybody have an experience with gotchas or tips on how to make this work. Been trying to make it work for a number of days now.

Was able to find clue from the great guys at the Discord chat channel. Turns out the item was going into stasis once the player got outside a certain range. Simply set the “Prevent Stasis” flag and all is good at least in the editor. Will post back if there are issues in the game itself.