Draw Debug Line Affecting Output

I initially used the debug line so that I could see what the blueprint was doing. However now I no longer need it and went to remove it but ran into a crazy problem. In no way shape or form should the debug line affect my output however it is. I’ll explain briefly what I mean. My blueprint autonomously drives a car that follows a path. There is a point on the path in front of the vehicle that, when it reaches and intersection, it will start to slow down the car and determines where the car will go next. The debug line draws a line between that point and my vehicle. From the first picture, when I reroute my exec so that it never touches the debug, the car never slows down. I cannot figure out why this is happening. I have given a chunk of code where I believe the issue is however there is a lot more not given.

Edit: I have found a partial solution for this however, maybe someone can help me diagnosis the root of the problem. If I erase the draw debug line and replace is with a dummy set vector variable, then the output exec goes to my return node, everything works fine.