"Draw" BSP brushes

Hey all.

I think it would be pretty great if there was a feature in the UE4 editor where you could "draw’ square BSP brushes in an orthographic view – like there is in the Hammer editor for Source. Basically where you can just drag your mouse to make a selection in one of the orthographic viewports on the grid, and then hit Enter and it will make a brush with those dimensions. Would really save a ton of time.

Yeah i requested that in the BSP thread is way faster workflow than the current one. +1

They are working on Geometry tools 2.0, so Im assuming there will be a complete overhaul of BSP.

Recheck trello no geometry 2.0 there anymore it looks like it was replaced by scriping language research and implementation.

Yeah i see they removed another time it, but BSP is not related with scripting languages

So what I meant was they decided to take the resources planned for Geo 2.0 and focus on something else and based on my review of the trello page the only new big thing within the timeframe planned for geo 2.0 is the scripting language planning and implementation.