Draw at Desired Size in Widget Component. What does it do? How do I know what the desired size is?


I tick it and then some part of the widget get clipped. I thought Draw at Desired Size would automatically find a way to draw it in its full size. Does this override Draw Size parameter? How do I know what the desired size is?


Exactly, i want to know this also!

Did you find a solution ?
Maybe in the widget :

Maybe in command line ?

Thanks for your help !

still no clue, i’m searching for this everywhere

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“Draw at Desired Size” option is related to how a Widget Component is rendered in the 3D world. Widget Components allow you to display UMG widgets in the 3D world space.

When you enable “Draw at Desired Size,” the widget will be drawn at its desired size rather than being affected by the size of the 3D object it is attached to.

This means that the widget will maintain its original size, regardless of the size or scale of the actor or component it is attached to.

To find out the desired size of the widget, you would typically set the size when designing the UMG widget in the UMG Designer.

In the UMG Designer, you can specify the size of the widget by adjusting its dimensions in the designer viewport or by setting the Width and Height properties in the Details panel.

Here’s a general guide on how to enable “Draw at Desired Size” in Unreal Engine:

  1. Create a Widget: Create a UMG widget that you want to display in the 3D world.
  2. Create a Widget Component: Attach a Widget Component to an actor or a component in the 3D world.
  3. Set Widget Class: In the details panel of the Widget Component, assign the UMG widget class to the Widget Class property.
  4. Enable “Draw at Desired Size”: Look for the “Draw at Desired Size” option and check it. This ensures that the widget is drawn at its desired size.

Remember that the actual size of the widget in the world may still be affected by the scale of the actor or component it is attached to. If you want the widget to maintain a consistent size regardless of scale, you might need to adjust the scale of the widget component accordingly.

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