Draw a line form widget position to 3d world position on screen

trying to draw this line from a widget where the end point follows an actor on screen as the player/camera moves.

I Think ive gotten pretty close by trial and error so far and a lot of research.
Its updating as the player moves around but its off by quite a bit.

What ive got so far-

int32 UCodeEditor::NativePaint(const FPaintArgs& Args, const FGeometry& AllottedGeometry, const FSlateRect& MyCullingRect, FSlateWindowElementList& OutDrawElements, int32 LayerId, const FWidgetStyle& InWidgetStyle, bool bParentEnabled) const
	if (!OwningInteractable)
		UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("Code Editor has no owning interactable"));
		return LayerId;

	FVector2D InteractableLocation;

	FVector2D ScreenEnd = TextInput->GetCachedGeometry().AbsoluteToLocal(InteractableLocation);

	FPaintContext Context(AllottedGeometry, MyCullingRect, OutDrawElements, LayerId, InWidgetStyle, bParentEnabled);
	FVector2D ScreenStart = TextInput->GetCachedGeometry().GetLocalPositionAtCoordinates(FVector2D(1.f, 0.f));
	UWidgetBlueprintLibrary::DrawLine(Context, ScreenStart, InteractableLocation, FLinearColor::Yellow, true, 2.0f);

	return LayerId;

Hello! But what is the problem? Code seems ok!

Figured it out, i was getting the logic from a blueprint example and the order of roll, yaw and pitch is different in the cpp function. Simple mix up. Thanks anyway!