Dratz and curses!! HELPING FINDING LOST Content browser

Oh man… how I hate to have to ask this… I seem to have undoc’d the content browser from the 4.7.3. I then thought "Oh, just close the content browser and then close the copy of 4.7.3 I had open and I should be ok… YEAH, bonehead mistake… Edit undo probably was a better choice… but, I didn’t think of that until I had closed everything… then then after reopening 4.7.3 Content browser was gone. Yes I know… <insert gasps of shock here.>

So, after a fruitless reboot I would like to ask if someone could take my bumbling hand and show me how to get it dern thing back… please


Captain Butterfingers

Cancel that Houston… Captain butterfingers got it back under control… no reason to panic…

Go to “window” - content browser - content browser 1 :slight_smile:

Roger, can confirm that everything is under control :stuck_out_tongue:

Fighter, you sir are a good guy.

And 100% right… then all I had to do was smoosh it around until it docked right. I should have posted that… thank you for helping out :slight_smile: