Dragonball Unreal

Just a little project i created in only 8 days of work, i havent touched the project since my last video so i decided to open it up today since ue4.9 is released and update it alittle and while doing so created another quick little video, i know its not the best but try and watch the entire video and give some feedback, i cant really update it alot because im very busy, anyway here it is

Hey there (: they are right about the section i guess. It’s not that there is a real rule about it, but this is more “WorkInProgress” then sharing content to others (in form of a download).

I move your thread!

@Topic: Looks cool, but the legs are a bit annoying :smiley: Would be nice if you could cut the trousers.

EDIT: I removed the discussion about the section, so that the thread is clean for feedback again (:
Thanks everyone for pointing that out so politely!

awsome thank you for moving it :slight_smile:

I’ve been following you on facebook, There’s some things there that are really interesting! I’d love to see you further this into something really cool!

As far as feedback, I agree that you should cut their trousers a little. Everything else looks really cool, You may want to think about adding a non visual lock on to targets. Just a suggestion! Look forward to seeing more!

on facebook? i only have a personal account on fb,and yeh i dony wanna worrky about the rigging of the pants just yet as that is a easy fix

heres a new video, please like it and comment :slight_smile: i havent had uch time to work on the game but the things i have done i have compiled into this video

Nice work, are the characters modelised by you ? Because they are beautiful :slight_smile:

lol thnx but only the ssj5 is mine :slight_smile:

Looks awesome! Tho I do have some suggestions :wink:

  1. Make the clothing with physx or you know with a “realistic clothing”
  2. make the hair glow yellow when he turns ss.
  3. Make the environmental area have particles going upwards when hes charging say kamahameha or going ss.

That’s all really xD and are you making this into a game or?


I have ready done the hair glowing when ssj but It doesn’t doest look very good, yes I need to add more particles around the sceane, I don’t think when charging a kameha maybe when firing trees to add some camera shake also maybe some dust/shockwaves when fighting. And nah it’s my own personal game haha it’s just something I do when I have free time. :slight_smile:

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Wow Beerus, SS4, SSG, SSGSS and even SS5! Just wow. I hope you will soon release a playable build so we can try this awesome dream. :smiley:

i have alot more that i havent shown, i also forgot to add the new power up animation and effect in the video wich is ******* me off now :confused: im thinking of make a training stage with both beerus and whis.

That is really cool. I hope you will also add the awesome iconic new characters like Golden Frieza, Vados and Champa.

Hmm maybe champa but i doubt ile add golden frieza

HUGEEEEE UPDATE, not only did i fix the animations making them all work together, but in doing so i discovered the reason for the major bug i have been having and the main reason i would not release a small demo to the public, so now that i have fixee this major bug the game never crashes, runs alot more stable and is much more fun to play :slight_smile: im a happy **** right now.

New video : recorded a couple days ago but had no time to upload so i decided to do it now, forgot to show new fight animations and more things properlly in the vidoe but meh, i hope you enjoy it because i think i gotta stop on this project for abit again due to being a broke mother ******.

quick video :))) make sure u have sound on to hear the new effects


latest video is a big one thank you everybody who supports me

how do i play dragon ball unreal?