Dragon: Milkyways starflight

Hello. Here is link to Fast Dragon Studios youtube Channel, by me. It’s also a link a newest video. Even though some lags might accure the game is actually working, because of the options menu, so that you can optimize the way your computer need it to work.


AT the moment FINLANDS LAW FORBIDS KICKSTART and PATREON SUPPORT, SO WE NEED YOU! End goal is to create working game company.

And we want to use unreal engine! BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need every view that we can get to Fast Dragon Studios youtube channels, we need every like we can get, we need every sub we can get, so that we can finish our game and make more games, even better games, and we can continue to use Unreal Engine. We of course need from this community and this thread to gain our goals. The way to help us is to watch our update videos, when there is something to watch.
As said it before Finland has made almost impossible to create games here. In our upcoming videos once the game evolves, we reveal tips from a storylines. So hopefully i can keep this thread and post here an updates considering this Dragon game project.


Hi Mirko,

I saw the video and it looks like you are making good progress. Keep working at it to get better everyday. In my opinion, I would focus on learning as much as possible at this stage, as opposed to trying to create a game company right now. Work on the game and learn as much as you can and then once you know more, it will be much easier to create a game that people will follow / buy.

Good luck!

Here is what i’ve done from the last time. Optimations has been made, credits was made, options menu was made to the pause menu, (In this case i was lazy to make an actual options menu.)

Storyline was made. There is some primitive dialogue, though not in this video. There is pretty clumsy combat system. Massive World was scaled to about 270 square kilometers. And i believe that before it was 321 square kilometers.

Quick update to my little project. I call this as a Concept of the story. Check out start of the story, and read the concept.

“You are a one of the few inhabitat of the Jungle Island, or on the ancient language: Truncatis Insula. Once a popular and pretty island, to a many lifeforms is now dying.
As you are traveling around, you’ll just see how much less lifeforms there is. Most of the residents like Orcs or Ratkin people have left to the great ocean, to find any one that they can grab onto.
Yet the tensions with those that can build things are growing, as they start to doubt their neighbours. MeanWhile the birds are constanly singing, yet nobody has seen birds in a long time.
There is also ruins of some ones called: Golden Skull People. And even so in the ocean that has no fish, stand an metalman maybe a machine (robot) that is named (do to it’s size) as World breaker.
At the tallest point of the island stand’s 3 ancient gods, that guards eternal fire. Now they are just statues, maybe they are sleeping, or maybe they are just statues. Even so, they are almost big as mountain.
Indeed Jungle Island is it’s own world, with many mystery, with many events AND YOU AS A PLAYER will be in the middle of the dying world.”


And once more we take dive into the world of Dragon. But we have tiny bit of problem with our predator AI. That is That When AI dies we destroy this dead AI actor, but the AI won’t go anywhere, instead physical body of this ai disappear (gets destroyed) but the Actual AI still lives, if you watch the video, you hear attacking and dragon losing health even though the AI:s are down.

Only when you are out sight radius, the AI slowly stops attacking and destroys itself. Long story short: When something dies in TrunCatis Insula, it will contiunes living a short amount time in combat mode as a GHOST! We have ghost in our game. This was not supposed to happen, but we might leave this bug in there, and simply say to the player that predator like dragon wont actual die, if it dies in combat, it will continune living as a ghost with revenge.

Ah-ha! I’ve often wanted to play a decent dragon game :slight_smile:
Was many years ago excited by the 3d dragon riders of pern game. Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern for Dreamcast Reviews - Metacritic - after many tedious tasks, cooking for and cleaning my dragon, got to take off.
The cutscene played, I boosted into the sky!

Then the next cutscene played, and I landed.
No dragon riding in a game with dragon riding in its game!

So, though your game still has some way to go, already better than that thing!

Couple of suggestions (may already be on your todo)

  1. fire breathing!
  2. smoother animations, and transitions (diving for example)
  3. more exciting dragon-like flight - there are a number of ways this could be gone about, limiting rotation speed and altering direction, getting gravity in there, control of flapping or locking wings - slow climb, rapid decent - to allow “swooping”, climg high, dive, spread wings and skim along near the ground at high speed, pulling up to slow down again
  4. crashing - either by hitting a tree with your wings, or the ground at high speed
  5. ragdoll :slight_smile:
  6. grabbing and lifting things

Having said that - a few questions:
a) What is your intention for the core gameplay mechanics?
b) What about the gameplay is the most “fun” bits? How can you make it better, and what else can you add to keep it engaging, interesting and entertaning?
c) What are your areas of expertise? and what areas are you most lacking in?


It’s been long time and some updates have been made. Biggest one is the World size. At the moment it’s 100 square kilometers. However i might think of 36 square kilometer with water effects. (36 square kilometer world is by the way size of one Skyrim.) :slight_smile: Once i get world at the right size or The Mumbling Wade (island name is Mumbling Wade)…
Then i finish cities, Power of ancient i finish, then i fix my journal (HUGE THANKS TO UNREALGAIMEDEV FOR HIS JOURNAL TUTORIAL WAS THAT LIGHT’S my game to life).

As for suggestions some are under way, but for crabbing and lifting i dont think this dragon pack has any crabbing animation, there is however tons of flight animations.

Now there is noway that i’m gonna publish this game without any satire of it. And when i think of satire i think an old Unreal Engine game called Deus Ex. (I remember one thing that i was shooting bad guys, and then the Unacto troop was walking at the line of sight, so this Unacto trooper yelled: “pig.” And started shooting at me. With those bad guys…)

So would it be fun, that as dragon you can go into a towns, then because of your size you can crush that town and surviving guards would say to you: “Hsss! Be quiet! I’ve heard that there is a dragon smashing town’s onto to the ground.”

As for a story i have thinking that a lot and i’m gonna go with traditional story that is Fantasy, more Fantasy than now. And i was thinking that bottom story would be that you as a dragon have lost your voice and magic.
As a voice and magic i mean: DRAGON ROAR. DRAGON FIREBALL and DRAGON FIRE BREATH. Your “MOM” is a Godess of death, and life named by: “nightshade” (From mixamo. If i can keep mixamo character’s in my game.) Mom could help you to restore your voice and magic, but she has to take care entire world, and also stars as well, so you as dragon need to learn how recover your magic and voice by your own.
On the another hand 3 kings or Queens on the Mumbling Wade is planning to go on the war with each other. City of Yognia, City of Irragin, and the third one is under planning. (human cities).
While monster are lurking at every corner, some like a dragon are big as blue whale. Of course you need bandits, and stuff.

As for a core mechanic, well it’s start to show as all the stuff are in right place but as a tip; there should be at least these elements: Satire, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Exploration.

But first things first, that is world size. I wanna big open world, at least size of skyrim. But no more than this new world of 100 square kilometers. I want that this game can be runned even by bad computers. And Skyrim size world can.
Then the quest, and right now i’m thinking any exploration quest, like in skyrim or witcher you have smuggler treasures, abandoned hut’s, and stuff…
As for a one side story i have one quest under planning that is that the vampires wanna eat you. As they think that dragon flesh makes them to immune to a every illness there is.

My best area is storytelling, like one concept of animation that i was gonna make was about humans offspring called the grey one (Grey alien or little green man)…
In that animation they are going to find an old human made spaceship called Flying star, inside that Flying Star is an old enemy called Shadow. And it was good, but it was so good that one picture to render took 8 hours. And it was 20 minute episode. And one second was 24 frames. That is how polished it was. So i dropped it of as it was too much to handle, without any more people.
As for a game i could have made it, but then thing was about this Flying Star that Shadow as an AI would have been smart as human, and there was only you and it. And you as a Grey alien smartest of all creatures should have outsmart this AI.