Dragon IK (Inverse Kinematics) Plugin [SUPPORT]

Dragon.IK is an easy to use inverse kinematics plugin that can be used in a wide variety of skeletal rigs in your project. It is developed in C++ and it is usable as a plugin in any project .

Marketplace Link :…rse-kinematics

It works on :

  • Bipeds
  • Quarupeds
  • Spiders
  • Snakes (In the latest update)

The IK tools can be used on humans and most animals such as dogs, chickens, bears,dragons , multi legged beasts ,scorpions,spiders,worms etc . Setting up the inverse kinematics in your animals can be done in just a few minutes as it is almost automatic and adapts to the type of rig with just a few parameters to change depending upon your game.

Keep your actual blueprint code clean and simple when you can just implement the ik using two animation blueprint nodes.

The major requirement expected from the skeletal mesh is they should have a linear single sequence of spine bones, while the limbs ultimately connect to this linear sequence of spine bones. A good example is how infinity blade characters are rigged.


Discord link for support :

Demo showcase on quadrupeds,bipeds and spiders

Demo showcase on snakes

Tutorial Videos :

A demo of the IK solving , moving across a rough terrain .

A video showcasing a death animation adapting to the terrain . We can see how it is before using the plugin as well as after . Meanwhile the limbs ik has improved compared to the previous video , which i will show later with maybe a different creature . Trouble is finding good creature skeletal meshes with a wide variety of animations to stress test it .

When setting up a character there is a problem bending the legs at the knees, they bend sideways, and on a standard mannequin everything works correctly.
Help me solve this problem.