Dragon Age Journeys remake ( sort of )

Remember Dragon Age Journeys, a 2D flash based game? for example


Well, there is now a UE4 WIP 2.5D version, made as a learning experience

Video teaser

Any interest In the code, to learn from it, etc., let us know


I would be interested in seeing the code :slight_smile:

Here you go.

Notable class DragonAgeJourneys2UE4/Battlefield.cpp at master · dhk-room101/DragonAgeJourneys2UE4 · GitHub
For example, navigation on the battlefield is using Dijkstra Algorithm
navigation on map uses A* algorithm

The project is basically porting from original ActionScript 3 to C++. Honestly, the game design of the original game is an absolute gem, we couldn’t let such an amazing concept be overlooked only because “it’s a simple flash game”. :smiley:

Any questions, please let us know.