Dragging stuff from Content Browser to viewport freezes UE4

A problem which didn’t occur before is really making working with UE4 very difficult. Dragging models or materials from the content browser into viewport for the first time causes UE4 to freeze for long periods of time before I can use it again. This only happens the first time I drag that specific mesh/material in, but it is still very annoying. Anyone else experiencing this and have a solution for this problem?

It is highly probable that you have unsuficient memory to import large assets. If you check your task manager you can see that it uses your memory when it freezes. Just let it run for a while, and your import will probably succesful.

Workaround: You can increase your pagefile size.

Here is an instruction of how to increase pagefile size. Large textures can be very expensive to import. What are your system specs?

But I’m not importing large assets, even applying a Starter Content material causes the engine to freeze for a couple of minutes. Of course this only happens the first time but it gets annoying after awhile. What do you mean increase pagefile size?

The problem here is that this wasn’t a problem before 4.7.

The thing is, UE4 isn’t using a lot of memory when it freezes, only around 700MB. So increasing pagefile size won’t help.

Just to chip in here, I see the same behavior since 4.7.4 I believe. I thought the Kite Demo pack was causing this, but then I started looking at the forums after it happened on a plain 3rd person template with starter content.

Memory is definately not an issue, nor is the asset huge (I can reproduce this by right-clicking a Material that was never applied - after a brief hang of the whole editor, the “Compiling Shaders” box pops up and everything works as before).
But after the asset has been placed in the cache, it works just fine; so I’m assuming something changed with the caching stuff.

I have the same problem. Unreal Engine 4.7.4 editor becomes completely unresponsive when dragging items from the content browser to the scene. The Kite demo files seem to bring this problem forth the most. I checked the used memory and resources with Process Explorer (Windows 8.1 64-bit). I have 16 GB of memory, which of only 7 GB were ever in use. GPU memory was also only 25% in use. CPU usage was only at around 12% and GPU did not get used at all. I have a GTX 970 and i7 4770. I also experienced one entire crash while dragging the items from the content browser.

If I had to guess it’s either some driver bug or an IO deadlock.

Yeah, I have 64 GB memory and have had issues importing the Epic nature assets throughout the day. I can’t see memory being an issue.

Same here after 4.7 and kite demo.