Dragged meshes into scene but they don't showing up!

Hi, I am just messing around and learning what I can. I have a recurring issue though and I can’t seem to figure out why its happening. This is an example of what I have been experiencing.

Just this morning, I;

I create a new project, FPS mode. Open new level with default. Delete floor and make a 15x15 tile for landscape. I sculpt it, then add material to it (grass). I have purchased the some grass assets, and I paint them on using the foliage brush. Everything is good. This far…

I decide to build my light because I know it takes a bit because I have placed thick amount of grass. I go make coffee :slight_smile:
Then when its finished, I try dragging a rock from the sculpted rocks I purchased and nothing shows up :frowning:
I think maybe I have somehow selected the wrong mesh so I try a default volume like the cube and it does not show either.
I try the bush from the standard assets, still nothing.

Any idea what is happening?

This isn’t all the time. I have other scenes that I have made that I could place whatever I wanted but I can’t figure out why it does occur. It seems to be whenever I actually decided to spend more time like create landscape layer on it that it does this haha. Thank fully I was not spending too much time on it this morning, but it has led to some frustration

Any thoughts on this would be great? I am sure I am over looking something.


The only thing that I can think of is, that you try to place it onto your foilage -> that’s not possible, you will have to drag and drop it to a free spot so that the mesh gets “spawned” :slight_smile:

Oh…so I am dragging it onto the grass foliage? And since I have covered everything but the sun in grass nothing is ‘Spawning’? That would be so awesome if I was that stupid bahaha.

I will post back and let you know :slight_smile: thanks for the quick response!

Yep, that’s the only reason that I can think of. Otherwise it could also be that the pivot is far away so that the mesh is not at the point where you placed it

There seems to be an issue with trying to drag meshes unto a landscape actor from the browser. It simply won’t show up like you said. You probably want to right click in your level and add the mesh through that method, after you have a few static meshes in the level just drag and drop your meshes unto another mesh instead of the landscape. I know that’s kind of annoying and perhaps somebody else has a better fix than that but its what I have been having to do :B

Make sure grid snap is off, or set to a low number.

Thanks for the replies. All replies helped. I was pointing the view to the sky and dragging away from terrain, but I did try dragging on another mesh which worked too. I’m happy now they are at least showing up :slight_smile: