draganddropoperation Nodes fail on editor loads.

I don’t know why. Nor did my searches come up with anything so I thought I would say something about it. When I use drag and drop operations in my editor. I place nodes for it down. Pin them up. and complete some part. So I save everything and later on or when I can get back on it and work on it some more. I find that my drag and drop doesn’t work any more. On Drag fails too.Like anything related to drag and drop operations I have to go back to all the areas and redo the drag and drop. I find pins and things out of place on the node. I have to unpin them and compile and pin them back in. It’s just I have a year or more left before I can even try and package it.

Question: Has anyone ever had issue like this. If not can you give info on your PC. Make and Model, HHD size and Memory Size. Anyone have any idea on the requirements to run the editor. I guess I missed that part.