Dragable UI Bug?

I have a main widget with a bunch of movable widgets inside of it. Im doing my base widgets before doing a bunch of the functionality. I have a player stats Widget that tracks Stamina and Gold and an inventory Widget that tracks inventory. If i move the Player stats window nothing adverse happens. If i move the inventory Widget it immediately loses connection to the game. It moves fine and has icons for the items you had when you moved it. However any new items picked up do not show in the UI. It basically goes dead. I was told this is a Engine Bug with certain widgets on move. I dont know which widget is causing my issue but i need to fix it. Main widget has the other widgets inside of it by default from user created widgets dragged in. When an item is picked up it gets the main widget reference and then gets the player inventory widget dynamically, i didnt reference it so if it changes when its moved it should get the new instance of the widget. Nothing i do works. Referencing it or not.


On Screen Hud:

Main GUI

Main Widget On Drop

Inventory UI Drag Detected

Inventory UI On Mouse Down

no one else run into this?