Drag to copy and window select in blueprint viewport?

in 4-27 Is there a way to be able to manipulate objects inside the blueprint viewport like you can in the level viewport? Alt click and drag to copy, and box selections in particular would be great.
Creating assemblies can get very slow and frustrating if there are lots of meshes in the blueprint actor that need to be moved or selected due the restricted capabilities.


To elaborate I have a 3d model of an easel and lot of art supplies. each paint tube is 3-4 separate meshes and there are lots of them, and brushes and pencils etc.

To move the table away from the easel I need to individually select around 500 meshes without accidentally dragging at all so I don’t move them randomly, then once done there is no way to group this selection or save it, so if I lose it, or want to move it again I need to start again from scratch.

Feels like I’m working for the computer doing this kind of repetitive basic work, instead of the computer working for me.