Drag Ragdoll character by a specific limb? (Deus Ex Style)

Hi, I’m trying to set up a physics body drag similar to that found in Deus Ex, in the image below the body is being dragged around by the hand. I can’t seem to access a specific part of a ragdoll via blueprint.

I’m essentially trying to set the location of a character’s hand to an invisible point in front of the player so it can drag the rest of the body along with it.

How do I access a character mesh’s specific body part and then set it’s location to achieve this effect?

Hi googleback,

if I understand correctly what you’re trying to do, “Set All Bodies Below Simulate Physics” together with “Set All Bodies Below Physics Blend Weight” are what you should be looking into. The example given in the official page (Physics-Based Animation | Unreal Engine Documentation) seems to be exactly what you want:

The purpose of the Set All Bodies Below Simulate Physics node is to recursively activate Physics Asset bodies on a Skeletal Mesh to begin simulating physics starting at a given bone and moving recursively down the bone chain. For example, if you tell the left clavicle to start simulating, then all of the bones descending from that in the skeletal hierarchy will simulate as well, resulting in a limp or ragdolling arm. Simply put, you can think of this node as an on/off switch to begin or stop simulating physics from a given bone.

Hope that help!



Hi thanks for your answer. for the effect to work the character essentially needs to be in a state of full ragdoll, i’m trying to figure out how to pick up and drag a full ragdoll by holding an individual part of it.

I have a ragdoll ready, just need to figure out how to drag it once simulating has started.

you can use a linetrace and then get the hit bone from that, and you need to play around with constraints to attach it to the player. Ive kinda set up body dragging myself but the constraint is kinda bad and the body jerks every time I grab it, I actually found this post whilst looking for advice lol

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But if I understand it correctly, it is used fot turning on the physics simulation. Maybe do you now how to drag ragdoll by certain bone? For example I want to hit the leg and drag body this way.

Thanks a lot

I got it! I used this tracer for my AI shooting exactly to my head. I will use the same logic for tracing a leg of my enemy and than drag this way

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