Drag Racing Game

I’m starting a new Drag Racing game and need help.I have grew up in drag racing i know all details that are needed.I’ve got the name picked out and a vision in my mind.I want to have the players start out at the small house and garage.Give them a car,truck,trailer to start racing. Have them to work or sale or win a race and round money to collect money for buying parts and everything.Have a pretty big map several tracks.I want to make it where you have to drive to the track unload the car and stuff needed at the race.I want real damage as possible " example" Blowed motor,Transmission,wreck the car or damage truck and trailer…I already have all hp rates for anymore with or without power adders so i know what times the cars and truck should run,1/8 or 1/4 mile.I want the option of when your at the race you can tune car at the track,drive or be pulled to and from lanes and top end.I’m also thinking about having a spectator mode being able to watch the rounds why you wait for your class to be called back to the lanes,I like have effects of actually leaving tire marks,seeing track prep on the track,Live score boards and Christmas tree Fans in the stand . and win lights. I would also like to program a voice to announce and record all times in voice and get it into the game.Also have rain delays having the weather temp changing.I know of many tracks and i would like to have a map of all track i can think of in that map.I know its alot and can be approved on I’m willing to partner with anyone and have more idea throw-ed in…I have more ideas and ways to go just the programming is lacking. I do have a 3d scanner for scanning cars and motors to be built…Please add more ideas or if you like to help please let me know thank you.