Drag out a line between objects?

Hi all!

I would like to create a system in my game where the player clicks and drags out a straight line from one object to another.

I’m not exactly sure how to go about rendering a simple straight line however. Does UE4 have any built in ways to render some sort of dragged out line? What I want is pretty much the same as the lines that connect blueprint nodes together, but completely straight.

Any tips on how to pull that off?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

If you want something where you have quite large control about how it looks a beam particle system would work.

You can set two locations and the beam will behave accordingly. You have of course all particle settings to play with.

I hope this helps.


Hmm, that’s an interesting idea, I never thought of using a particle system for something like that.

Thanks a lot, I’ll look into it.