Drag n' Drop-ing assets into folders within Content Browser's folder contents has no effect

If I want to copy or move an asset from one folder to another, I must click and drag the asset onto the appropriate folder in the list of folders within the Content Browser. While this is the appropriate functionality, it seems odd that one cannot do the same with the folder listed alongside the assets themselves (when you have a folder within another folder). Didn’t think that was by design. If you try to do so, nothing occurs at all.

Hey ,

Are you claiming that you are not able to drag and drop folders into other folders from the Content Browser? I’m currently in 4.8.1 and I was able to move my blueprints folder into the audio folder from the Content Browser.

Please explain further how you’re encountering this issue, thanks!

No, I’m claiming that I am unable to drag and drop assets (not folders) into folders from the Content Browser, but only the folder icons that are displayed inside a folder’s contents. Dragging assets onto folders in the folder hierarchy works fine. If, however, I have a folder, and within it, an asset and a subfolder, I cannot, while looking into the folder, drag the asset icon over the subfolder icon and “drop” it. I can drag the asset into the sidebar of the Content Browser where the folder hierarchy is, drop it onto the corresponding subfolder there, and have it “drop”.

Would it be possible to upload a video of you reproducing this issue? I haven’t had any trouble with dragging and dropping within the content browser.

I appreciate your assistance. :slight_smile:

Video isn’t uploading for some reason. I just put it on my Drive.

Hey ,

Thanks for providing me with the video of the issue you’re experiencing, I thought that was what you were talking about. I’ve had a few members on my team as well as myself replicate this and we did not run into this issue.

  • Could I see your DXDiag please?
  • Has this always happened or just since you’ve moved to 4.8.1?

Thank you!

How do I acquire the DXDiag ? (I’ve only ever run dxdiag.exe previously)? I’ll try googling tomorrow to see if I can find out on my own as well…

As for the appearance of the bug, I never really noticed it until after 4.8.1, but I’m pretty sure that was because I hadn’t directly tried it before since I usually use the folder hierarchy anyway.

EDIT: Got the log (I think) [link text][1]

49379-dxdiag.txt (29 KB)

Hey ,

Thanks for providing me with your DXDiag , I wanted to make sure your computer specifications weren’t causing trouble within the editor and they’re not. I looked thoroughly through again and found a bug that’s only for ‘List View’ in Content Browser referenced as: UE-1206. This bug has not been fixed yet. The way you can get around this bug is by changing the view within the Content Browser.

If you have any further questions, please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to assist you further!

Have a great day!

This is part of the reason I moved over to Godot Engine. I got fed up with waiting for bugs to get fixed. Lo and behold, now when I run into a bug during development, I can usually identify and implement a fix within hours, often even minutes. Cheers.

I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this bug yet. It’s nearly 2018 now.