Drag and Drop

I wanted to drag the widget when left mouse button is pressed and drag event detected. When left mouse button released, drop the widget on the mouse’s released position. I also want to restrict the widget drag-able area.

I tried to this. By creating the UMG_Item and UMG_Slot wiget blueprints. Where UMG_Item is the drag-able widget and the UMG_Slot where I drop the drag-able widget.

Here are my blueprints.

On drag detected event of UMG_Item

Mouse Button down event of UMG_Item

On drop event of UMG_Slot

In above example Every time I need to drop the widget on the UMG_Slot so that it will add the children to the wrapbox.

Now I want when I drop the widget on the mouse’s released position. The widget will stay at mouse released position. How do I do that ?