Drag and drop

not working for me since 4.11

latest gentoo ~amd64 kf5 kde

Drag and drop of what? I am happily dragging and dropping stuff around the Editor on 4.15.

Be more precise of what is actually not working.

Thank you for reply
Drad and drop files from kde to editor

So what? nobody cares?

what is your DE? Gnome?

Not with that attitude.

Yes my DE is Gnome, are you still having the issue in 4.20? As it has been quite some time since you even checked this topic.

Hey, Thank you for answer.
I don’t like Gnome, i like KDE, but i kike UE much more, and i try to work in Gnome soon.

offtop: i see you are linux user, can you adwice me - where is ue/linux party (forums/discuss), i want be up to time)))

Well unreal slackers have discord with linux section… so I guess there? http://unrealslackers.org/

I still don’t try gnome

But i want to tell

blender for drag’n’drop uses XDND

option(WITH_GHOST_XDND “Enable drag’n’drop support on X11 using XDND protocol” ON)