Drag and drop the right piece in place

I want to make this “drag and drop the right piece in place” puzzle but I don’t know how to set up the blueprint in the widget interface (UI) since I want to achieve this game in a popup style. Anyone can help me with how to set collision in WI and when the piece hits the collision it snaps in the picture?

  • the whole thing should sit in a Canvas
  • create a UserWidget anchor (a border will do), ensure it’s transparent but Visible
  • place 2 anchors for each missing piece
  • when the drag OP is taking place, keep track of how many and which anchors drag enters & leaves
  • if you detect 2 simultaneously, we’re hovering over the correct spot
  • the anchors can be made smaller / larger to control difficulty / required accuracy
  • once we have 2 anchors dragged over & drag is cancelled (or perhaps just detecting 2 anchors is enough), snap the dragged widget to the centre of the anchor in the upper left corner

When OnDragDetected is triggered in UserWidget (and Operation created) You can check on any element (image) OnDragEnter, OnDragExit and OnDragOver. Then use Operation pin to get Target->Drag Visual and Target->Drag Payload (Variables->Drag and Drop->Get Visual or Get Payload). You define what is Visual and what is Payload widget when creating DragDrop Widget and use those in OnDrop.

Can you show me how to set up the blueprints? I am new to Unreal so I’m quite lost…

Which part? The whole thing is a couple of hours of work… that’s for the base interaction, significantly more for any additional features. Longer if I need to to prettify, take screenshots, and even longer if I need to comment the script so you know what’s going on. How far have you gotten with this?

  • prepare the board with slots
  • prepare the draggable pieces
  • prepare the anchors
  • implement the drag & drop

One step at a time.

I am new to Unreal so I’m quite lost…

May I suggest you cover some basic tuts first, especially drag & drop and the fundamentals of how widgets work.

And if you need it done by someone else, there’s also this section:

It will cost you a penny, ofc.