Drag and drop strangeness

Hey guys,
just wanted to voice a problem i have in the community to see if anyone else has had a similar issue.
I’m using drag drops in an inventory system. The drag drop is pretty simple, if you drop on a slot it gets info from the payload. It then makes a direct call to the inventory back end with the information to finish the task, so not much processing is in the UI itself.

my payload is also my visual widget. (maybe thats a problem, but it does work?)
behind the slots in a canvas that takes the whole screen and if you drop it it it fires and does something else. this works too.

So this works 98% of the time. Sometimes my drag and drop payloads go missing on drop, they don’t fire any events. its like they where dropped off screen. Has anyone else seen this happen?
If i repeat an action enough i can replicate the issue but sometimes it happens right away. 2% chance of failure seems about right to me.
The visual image of the drag drop always shows, it just does not trigger any events. It faults pretty rarely, but i would like to see it not fault at all.

So i just went to the editor to get some screenshots,
This is the payload set up.

it took 8 mins to make it fail, but i got there. there is an error message that only happens when the bug fires.

is there something i am doing wrong here? worth noting that all 3 error messages come up if the bug fires, otherwise they will not.

The second one relates to a Mouse up function

And the first one relates to a set pin that passes back a struct. The function itself works, but even if it was buggy it would not return an operation, it would return a empty struct i guess.
it also has no relate to the drag and drop and is used for displaying the description text of the item

note: that branch node does not connect to anything in the picture (the one going south).

so, i’m not sure if i’m doing it wrong, or maybe this behavior has been seen elsewhere?

Thank you!

p.s. is there a way to do something on unhandled drops? say if you drop off the screen?

Hey guys,

Thought i would upload a quick video to make things more clear.- YouTube
- YouTube

error at 0:45
sorry it takes a while to replicate the bug.

Thanks a lot guys! looking forward to some advice, hope i have shown enough information? let me know!

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