Drag and drop size issue

Hey guys!

I’m having a funny kind of issue with drag and drop widgets,
Its important that i can control the scale on a widget with only a image wrapped in a border using drag and drop.

I found i can control the size of the widget with controlling the images size (makes sense!) but it appears bigger then it should be. Its almost like the drag and drop widget appears slightly bigger then the scale of the game world. I thought this is potentially true because the drag and drop window is a new window after all.

So i’m looking for work arounds? Or maybe i am doing something wrong! Very open to ideas!

Edit: here is a video to show what i’m talking about: drag and drop does not scale with the screen DPI:

one thought would be to make an element on my main canvas that would move around with the mouse essentially making my own drag and drop feature, but i would rather not do this as i feel like using unreal built in features is the way to go!

Here is a video showing drag and drop not scaling with screen DPI,
i guess this is my problem, will try and scale the icon size with the view port size for work around i guess.