Drag and Drop - Next Click is Ignored - Blueprints - UE 4.8 Preview

I have drag and drop working in our game.

I have a print string in my OnMouseButtonDown event and see it when I click.
After the drop finishes, the next mouse click does not call OnMouseButtonDown.
A mouse click after that DOES call OnMouseButtonDown.

Also after the drop ends, clicking on any UI element in the editor is ignored, but then works if you click again.

Is this a known bug or am I missing something?

I’m following this example by NickDarnell, UMG - Drag&Drop capturing mouse events. - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

I have the same problem in 4.7.5.

After trying to reproduce the problem on a new project (and a big headache xD) I found out that after disabling “Use Mouse for Touch” in Project Settings > Input the problem disappeared.
I’m a big newbie in UE4 and game developing so I don’t know much but that might point someone towards a fix or a solution.

There’s another thread about this: [4.7.5] UMG drag to reposition - UI - Unreal Engine Forums

That did not fix it for us. We tried several other settings in the Input section too. No luck.
Thanks though.