Drag and Drop issue in Ipad

Hi ,

I am implementing a drag and drop event in UMG which works fine in PC and not in IOS. What I am doing is :
Dragging an item from a Scrollbox and dropping it inside a horizontal box.

When I am clicking my mouse, it captures the mouse , and then it fires on mouse move event where I am creating a new widget that is supposed to be dragged , and setting its position based on mouse position. This works perfectly fine in IPAD. But , while dropping the widget , I am firing mousebuttonup event where it releases the mouse, then I detect the border mousemove , where the border encloses the horizontal box where it should drop.

When the mousemove is detected(it detects after releasing the mouse capture, as expected) , I am simply placing the widget on the horizontal box. Now , in IPAD, mouse up means removing the finger from the screen , mouse is no longer on the screen , so definitely the border mousemove wont be detected. SO it only removes the widget instead of placing it in IPAD , and places it only while we touch the ipad screen back again.

So far I am unable to find a workaround for this. It is very urgent. Tomorrow I have delivery deadline. Please help.