Drag and drop fails randomly

I have created an inventory system and decided to make a drag and drop functionality. The drag and drop is working and i can drag items to other slots in the inventory, but i have ran into 1 issue. If i drag an item in the widget and hold it for a few seconds and then drop the item it will almost always return as “On drag cancelled”. When i drag and drop an item to a slot very fast it will always work, but if it takes longer than 1 second it is like a 50% chance of it working or failing. The fact that the drop randomly fails is very weird to me and maybe someone knows why this is happening.

I’m not sure, but try disabling “Is focusable” for widgets that you drop on. Especially if they are buttons. I had issues with that checkbox in other situations, but it feels so similar.

Hi, Thanks for the reply. Sadly i already have “Is focusable” disabled. I tried enabling it to see if it made a difference, but i still get the issue.