Drag and Drop crashes on iOS

Hi, i’m using the “Blueprint Inventory System” From the marketplace, and as SOON as i drag one of the items in my inventory, the game crashes on iOS, And it’s not just the blueprint inventory system, it’s pretty much EVERY drag and drop operation. Is there gonna be a fix for this? anytime soon?

Thx for letting us know about the bug. We’ll take a look at it as soon as possible.


No problem! And thank you! I really need this to work cause im making a mobile game for iOS and its very important that this gets fixed. Thank u guys!

Has there been any progress on this? My game also crashes on mobile as soon as I start to drag any of my widgets

Nope, i haven’t been able to resolve this issue. My mobile game desperately needs this feature, and everytimei do any drag and drop operation on iOS it instantly crashes. I Think it’s a problem on Epics end. Maybe it’s something to do with the engine itself?

Hi, are you guys still working on this issue? Cause it’s been a while and i haven’t seen it resolved yet. My project desperately needs drag and drop operations to function