Drag and drop button always hovered

Because old drag and drop method don’t work now(OnMouseButtonDown) i use this recommended metod(OnPreviewMouseButtonDown):

Its work but when i drag and drop my button always shows like “it`s hovered”:

Start drag and drop(all fine):


Finish drag and drop(problem):


Anyone know how to fix this or maybe another method for drag and drop ?


Use border instead button and this code for illumination when its hovered(bind border brush):

Can you talk about it in detail. How to change is hovered state. I get the same problem in my project and i have tryed to change button to border as you say, but the border is always hovered.

Create a bind for border brush:


use my code above and select diferent image for each “Make StateBrush” for not-havered and hovered accordingly.

when i tryed this method. the IsHovered node always return true.