Drag and drop and/or bulk move array items/struct items?

Large arrays or structs are a real pain when you want to visually keep them organized and you add a new item that should be somewhere in the middle of the struct but you gotta sit there hitting the up arrow and wait. Then again…sometimes you can tap the arrow a bazillion times in a row and randomly get it near where you want. Its fun to make a game of it sometimes, like “struct golfing”. You tap a hundred times and sometimes it lands RIGHT where you want and you’re like “yea!!!” Then you realize youre just wasting your time and you’re like … “:(”

Arrays are worse because you have expand and move instead of just arrow tapping.

Still not possible in 2020. Currently i am working on Data Structures and its still a real pain. Thumbs up for this feature request.

Array elements should have a handle on the left for dragging and dropping elements - could you post a screenshot of the array you are trying to work with?