Drag and drop ActorComponent to Actor in editor viewport


Currently, to plug a component to an Actor in a Level, one needs to select the Actor first, then drag a component to the hierarchy in the Details-pane (or use the green drop-down menu). There’s nothing wrong with this, but I’d like to suggest a small feature to make this even faster. It would be nice if one could grab an ActorComponent in the Content Browser and simply drag it to an Actor in the editor viewport, selected or not. SceneComponents are trickier, since they form a hierarchy, whereas ActorComponents are simply appended. Perhaps SceneComponents could be added as children to the root?

This really isn’t that big of a deal, but I thought I’d mention it :slight_smile: (<-- using a smiley as punctuation there) Every small thing that speeds up workflow makes working with the editor more fluid.

Just want to say thank you Epic for all of your hard work. UE4 rocks!