Drafting & Design Firm needs quick progress, will pay however you like

Hello, and thanks for your interest. Candarco is an aggressively expanding drafting and design firm, specializing in residential Architecture and construction consulting.

Simply put we have a waiting client list and multiple 5k square foot plus projects that need to be shown off in UE4. Our team is learning and will get there; tutorial after tutorial, exercise after exercise, grinding out the necessary insights, but this is not going to be quick enough, we need immediate movement and must service our current clients and the others waiting to work with us, now.

I am flexible about compensation, and can hire someone full time, or just pay you a remote consult fee, or draw up a contract. The specifics are not important, I can accommodate.

At this point, I need several rooms very quickly for already scheduled meetings, and to establish a reliable and strong workflow from here on. At the moment, we use AutoCAD Architecture, Blender, 3dsmax, Sketchfab, and hopefully soon, UE4. Just get in touch and let’s get moving!



Can you pls specify a little better what kind of skills are you looking for? 3d Artists, lvl designers, programmers?


if you need a artist, level designer and any associated animtions required. I can do this. Here is my current portfolio and if you want to contact me feel free at this email (terravelo@ ***

Hi Candarco,

I’m a NY-based private consultant. Interested in seeing your proposal and scope of work. At the moment I use UE4 for arch visual projects for clients. I own a full suite of design software and am proficient in many digital art forms. Music and sound not so much. I look forward to to hearing from you soon.

Anthony @ Mobfolios . com

Hi Candarco

I am a UE4 developer specializing in UE4 programming and consulting for design and architecture visualization companies. My expertise with UE4 ranges from the setup and maintenance of source control (SVN, Perforce, Git) to blueprint scripting, UMG UI scripting, C++ programming of the engine, C++ side UI programming (Slate) as well as the implementation of custom asset types and custom editor modes. I can provide you with the knowledge, tools and best practices necessary for a professional workflow with UE4 and can offer you training and consulting towards the development of design and architectural visualization software. I can further streamline these efforts with C++ code tailored to your needs.

Please contact me any time at your convenience, tonstudio(at)live(dot)com

Blueprint Programmer

I can more then fit the role of programmer, I am a real professional at the blueprint system and can create almost anything asked for, I have created specific blueprints for some major and small gaming companies and have even worked with other architecture jobs to create certain blueprints to match specific needs e.g changing wallpapers inside a house, changing paint/wall colours, allowing change of floor materials, programming light switches and more. Send me a personal message if you are interested in working together, thank you.

Blueprint programmer and layout artist available

Hello! I am highly experienced in blueprint programming and I can also do initial layouts of geometry in ue4 very quickly. My rates are reasonable. I am based in Los angeles and I am very flexible as far as the workload is concerned. Feel free to contact me at or 646-225-0042