Draculis - A dark fantasy Hack and Slash!

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you the game I’m trying to build - Draculis!

It’s a dark fantasy action game with a focus on combat with a hint of horror. Reconquer a city besieged by the forces of Darkness as Roland, holy knight in search of Justice! Be challenged by a large array (for a prototype) of cunning and deadly enemies. Come on top through your wits and a new directional combat system, leave no monster alive!

I’ve made a prototype, linked here, and I would be honored if you tried it!!GYUQ3BgS!5l4nGl90K0t_Ui1154nS1A

Eagerly waiting for your opinion!



Did a Trailer for the Game!

A walkthrought of the whole prototype linked in the first post. Hope you’ll like it!