DPI-curve not working.

Hello everyone. I’ve made a game for android on Unreal Engine version 4.16.3 and I have encountered 2 problems. 1 - My widgets don’t scale on mobile phones with low resolution, they get cropped instead of being resized. I’ve set DPI-curve for multiple resolutions, but it doesn’t seem to work. 2- I was unable to make in-app purchase node in blueprints work. I have tried calling said node twice (as some forum posts suggested, but it didn’t help) I would be glad to receive any advice on how I can resolve these issues. Here’s link to game in google play, in case if you would like to test it
Please pardon any grammar mistakes, London is not my main language.

You can play with r.MobileContentScaleFactor variable in Config/DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini for low resolution devices.

How to do this you can find there:…eviceProfiles/