DPC watchdog violation bluescreen of death after open an new Project in UE5

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working with ue4 for a year now and have never had a blue screen. Yesterday, I finally decided to try out UE5. After all shaders were loaded, the blue screen appeared. With 2 times, I was even able to look around the project for 2 minutes. I have no idea why.

System Spec :
Nvidea 1080 ti Drivers : 471.11
Intel Core i7 8700k
32 gb DDR4 ram

Windows 10 Version : 2004 / Search for Updates say, no new updates.

If a bluescreen occurs it’s almost always a hardware issue, maybe something with the GPU.

not always, it can be drivers too

That being said, last time I got one of these in particular it turned out that my GPU was dying.

Yeah but i tested it with my old driver and with complete updated once. My PC is 3 years OLD and no bluescreen at any other program or game. Even UE4 runs without problems. I think it is not the hardware. I have not one clue to solve it. Did this mean no UE5 for me, without buying a new PC ?

Maybe some else can Help me `? Bluescreen only with UE5. Maybe someone from the Epic Stuff?