DPC watchdog violation bluescreen of death after open an new Project in UE5

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working with ue4 for a year now and have never had a blue screen. Yesterday, I finally decided to try out UE5. After all shaders were loaded, the blue screen appeared. With 2 times, I was even able to look around the project for 2 minutes. I have no idea why.

System Spec :
Nvidea 1080 ti Drivers : 471.11
Intel Core i7 8700k
32 gb DDR4 ram

Windows 10 Version : 2004 / Search for Updates say, no new updates.

If a bluescreen occurs it’s almost always a hardware issue, maybe something with the GPU.

not always, it can be drivers too

That being said, last time I got one of these in particular it turned out that my GPU was dying.

Yeah but i tested it with my old driver and with complete updated once. My PC is 3 years OLD and no bluescreen at any other program or game. Even UE4 runs without problems. I think it is not the hardware. I have not one clue to solve it. Did this mean no UE5 for me, without buying a new PC ?

Maybe some else can Help me `? Bluescreen only with UE5. Maybe someone from the Epic Stuff?

I’ve got my first blue screen as well after many years. It happened on starting of UE5 and it said “kernel security check failure”.