If i start downloading fortnite and pause it at 500mb or somethin will it start from there or from the begining
I downloaded and paused at 400mb and when i resumed it after shutting down my pc it started from 0%
So iam askin again if i start the download and pause at 500mb or 1gb and shutdown my computer will it it resume or download from the start again??
Appreciate it…

Please don’t create multiple posts on the same thing, it creates clutter and confusion for people who try and answer. I will be locking the comments on your other thread and marking it as resolved.

As I stated in my previous post, it will resume from where you left off, however you need to leave the computer on with the launcher running. Restarting your computer will cause it to start from 0 when you try downloading again

Sorry. Its just that im new so can i copy fortnite to another pc without downloading . And would that technique apply for pausing and downloading

As I mentioned in my other answer, this is not the correct website for Fortnite questions. I was able to answer your question about pausing downloads because the launcher acts the same way for both UE4 and Fortnite, but transferring Fortnite between 2 PC’s is a different story.

Please ask your question on the Fortnite forums here:

They will be able to help you further there.