Downloading the current version of UE4 crashes my router

If I start downloading the current version of UE4 it crashes my internet after about 20%. After rebooting the router, if I want to resume the download, this happens:

Could not download installation information. Please try again later. Code: 0

I then started the launcher with admin rights and could resume the download, however it now crashes my router after about 1% of additional download. My router is quite old and had problems with a P2P download elsewhere (Star Citizen), is UE4 P2P as well, and if so, can I disable that?



Its because EA ist a company who does not really care about your suffering.

They force unconfigurable/unlimited peer to peer downloading on you, and not every router is happy with having hundrets of ports beeing occupied and hundrets (if not thausands) of connections beeing established via tcp/ip simultaneusly.

Especially on non mainstream internet connections, i.e G4/LTE … and such… unrestricted unlimited p2p quickly saturates the routers ports and abilities almost guaranteed, but not only there.

It will stall any use of the net for anything until you stop the download (and wait 10 minutes after succsessful stop, then the modem may recover…)

The better game companies/online shops have learned this. Perhaps they had a consultant with a clue, or even a resident employee who knows something about

But EA clearly doesnt.

I recommend to use steam, whenever you can - until this fine company
starts to give us options to configure the p2p behaviour , or even a proper download server w/o forcing p2p on us. Sure its more expensive for them than p2p.

How expensive is it to lose customers for good and have the bad-reputation cemented?

May be my critical, but technically 100% true assessment reaches you before its taken down. I dont dream of them taking it constructively.

ps: i work in enterprise IT - i know precisely what i talk about.