Downloading templates, features pack and starter pack separately

Hi, After having a lot of issues with download, I thought that I should download engine without starter pack, templates and stuff, but I think I’ll need them after this, is there a way to dowload them after engine’s download ??

Hi SamDj23,

You won’t be able to do this through launcher, nor by downloading source . from GitHub. You may be able to exclude Samples and Templates folders from your download if you use Git, in which case it should build and run fine. We can’t guarantee this, however a simple test resulted in a successful build. You would then be able to download Samples and Templates folders at a later date and rebuild at that time.

Thanks for rapide answer, actually I’m doing it from launcher, so there’s no other way ??

I apologize, I was wrong about that. This is a new feature for Launcher that I had not experimented with. If you have Core Components already installed, you can add Starter Content and Templates later, and it will download and add that to your engine version.

Thanks a lot, very happy to know that, but how should I do to download them ??

Once you have engine installed, you can click on yellow arrow beside Launch button. Select Options, and it will show you that Core Components are already installed, but Starter Content and Templates folders can be selected. Select them and click Apply, and it’ll grab those and install them for you. You can even do them one at a time, if you need to. I just went through process here and it seems to work very well.

Note that this will only work with 4.10 and later engine versions, and isn’t an option for 4.9 or earlier versions.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try it later and I’ll keep you update .