"Downloading Resources" on first start - but did it already before from the Playstore?

Hi, i hope someone can tell me how to disable the “downloading resources” at the first game start.
When I install my game via Google Play Store, it downloads the APK and the OBB File (1GB). But when i start the game first time, it downloads again some stuff … i think its again the OBB File (1GB) …
this is dumb because the User downloaded it before directly from Google Play Store

Does anyone has a fix for that? I think the Problem is a setting in the Android Packaging Settings, but i have really no idea which can cause the Problem

Did you find a solution?

Oh man i published my game several month ago, i have really no idea what i changed or did …

It was definitly a android setting (Project Settings → Platforms - Android)
I think the right option is:

  • “disable verify OBB on first start / update” - true

I hope this helps you!