Downloading new assets at runtime?

Is there any way to download assets from a web link and load them into a game at run time?

I want to have an external library of assets hosted in cloud storage that a user can choose from while in a VR experience.

Would there be existing methods for adding expansion packs or something similar that could be used as a starting point?

I am hoping to do something like the link below except for 3d assets rather than images, and loaded from the web rather than from local storage.


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Soooo that will be a bit of a task there. What you would essentially have to do is create a thread that will request the data from the URL. Then the URL would accept it then send the data (prolly TCP). Then you would have to unpack the data for unreal to understand it.

However, I wouldn’t doubt it would be easier to get the cloud storage content as ‘DLC’. considering it is :stuck_out_tongue: . There should be resources out there to help you on the DLC type of journey that Epic has created.

Thanks for the reply. I will look and see what documentation is there for a DLC type solution.

I since came across this plugin which I am hoping will help.

Did you have any luck with the plug in? I’m interested in performing a similar task and would love to know your experience before I purchase it.

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Interesting topic. Could this plugin help to achieve the desired results maybe?