downloading dev kit issue

I downloaded the dev kit at a horribly bad download rate.

Got to 70% and took my computer to my friends house where he has 9mbps download speeds and went to RESUME download…
the download has started at 0% again, and the speed isn’t much faster then what I was getting at home.

Does this download not resume from previous download spots?
Is there any alternative spot to download this file?

Thank you

Only two ways to download I believe.

One is through the Epic Launcher, and the other is through Library>Tools>ARK: Dev Kit in Steam.

If you go through steam though, the Dev Kit needs to be updated manually if I’m not mistaken, using the GitHub repository. The video below details how to link to GitHub and gain access to the updated(albeit slowly) engine code/binaries there.

Going through steam was how I downloaded the DevKit. At 1.2MBps (yay for asinine aussie broadband speeds) it took the better part of a day to fully download, I think. I can’t remember honestly.