Downloader and installer issues

So just trying to download from the site takes forever and failed several times, i get speed of 32kb when i have 1mb everywhere else. Upon installed the software with the launcher…again 32kb… the installer got up to 15% completion and actually went back down to 13%!! Whats going on?

Hi jermdm,

Try the steps inthis section of the troubleshooting guide. If nothing works for you, please follow the steps towards the bottom of that page and generate your Debug Logs. Then post them here.

Also, post your dxdiag (system specs)

Windows: Go to the Start menu and type ‘dxdiag’ into the search bar. Open that file and then click ‘Save All Information’. Post that text file here.

Mac: Go to the Apple menu and click ‘About This Mac’.

For me it kept failing, re-installing the whole engine fixed it for me.

i am having his issue too as well as i cant download stuff off the market either stays in que