Downloaded unreal engine 4.16.1 taking too long to install

I am using dell inspiron laptop running windows 10 . I have downloaded the unreal engine through library of the laucher when it have downloaded it is in 82% but it is taking too long time to install. The launcher says it is installing for a long time but the percentage is increasing very slowly. May I supposed to hold and let it be for around hours or it is a bug? Have I supposed to rectify that?? Help me FrienDs…

Hi, you can let it install, it just takes a very long time to install.

I got same problem

It took me 3 days to finish all that …

Really i didn’t sleep the whole night to wait this thing to finish installing im waiting to finish NNOOWWW!!!

REaly i didn’t sleep this whole night because unreal engine 4 takes too long to install
im waitng NOW!!!

İt just took 1 hour in my 13 year old laptop