Downloaded texture instance lost details

Hi, I think I got a strange problem.
I downloaded some surface texture from Quixel Bridge.And then I exported them into Unreal Engine.My Engine’s version is 4.24 and 4.26.When I double clicked the texture in my contentbrowser (the texture is in texture instance way) or dragged in where it should be in detail panel , they will immediately turn to their father texture instance way.
I’m a starter.Most of my settings are in default, both Unreal Engine and Quixel.The same problem happened in the texture instance I downloaded from Quixel and other ways, not included Unreal Shop.
Apologize for my broken English. I really hope someone can figure out where is wrong and help me to fix it.

Hi @AstridBeatrice! Please write in to with any images supporting the issue you’ve reported, along with the issue itself, and one of my agents will assist you as soon as we’re able to get to your ticket.

I do not understand what you are asking, are you having issues with the material instance, texture compression, or something else?