Downloaded ark dev kit through epic, is it necessary to download on steam as well?

I don’t want to have to download another 50gb file, i downloaded the ark dev kit through the epic games launcher but all the tuts i’ve checked out require it be downloaded through steam. Is it necessary?

Steam is no longer updated, it stopped at 206. The Dev Kit currently sits at 223.6, and should only be obtained through Epic.


Well, sort of - the Epic hasn’t updated quite yet. It’s still 220.1 - one day though, hopefully it will say those magic words “Update” lol.

STeam is not required anymore and is highly recommended not too as it will never be updated

Then why even allow it to download through steam, my internet is sh** and I just sat 3 days on this download just to learn I have to download it through Epic. Personally if I had halfway decent internet, I’d be a little upset, but this is bull sh**, these guys need to take it off steam

you got a point but no where in any documentation to ark modding does it say download via steam, it says download via epic launcher, if you read this forum it says download via epic launcher as steam is not going to be updated

Before throwing a tantrum, how about asking a more appropriate question - in a civilised manner - or use the search to find threads that can help you.

Like this one for example…


I’ll see if we can get that removed.