Downloadable Levels

Is it possible to sell a game which can download and play levels from the net ?


Yes, depending whet kind of level, users can place more umaps (but they need to subscribe for engine to get editor) or do editor in the game and save level in your own format.

The other solution would be to have an empty map and regenerate everything procedurally. That way users will only have download or share the data needed to generate the map without having to need the UE editor. I know nav mesh can be generated at runtime but dunno about lights.

@Shadowriver I cant expect players to get the whole engine and editor to play a new level right ? :slight_smile:
@TiGuy Yes thats certainly possible but then that would severely restrict what can be made and most of the awesome engine features would go waste …

I am expecting that the .umap files and associated data can be downloaded into the game’s local data folder and loaded from there at runtime. Perhaps I should run a test and see whats possible to be loaded dynamically…