Downloadable Device Profile List?

Hi everyone,

Im currently working on configuring and packaging my game for mobile devices.
Also, quite a bit of rework on the textures, particles and triangles to fix the performance issues.

Im preparing builds specific to my android device for testing and will soon need to start testing for other devices.
I was hoping if someone here would be able to share with me the device config files for mobile platform, just a standard set for various devices perhaps. Im working on the entire project on my own and could use a bit of help with not having to dwell too much into device profiles right now.

Sooo, pretty please :wink:

Nevermind… Looks like i might have deleted/modified/damaged the pre-configured files while i was tinkering with the engine contents… Reinstalling fixed everything… i now have the complete list of the various profiles i was looking for. :slight_smile: