Download Windows Unreal engine from a Mac computer

I am trying to get a windows version of unreal engine but need to download it off my mac as my PC doesn’t have an internet connection. I see quixel has the option to choose for which OS I am downloading it for, but with the epic games launcher, it automatically decides for me and chooses a dmg file each time with no alternative option. There doesn’t seem to be a workaround for this other than signing in from my windows computer perhaps but as things stand I don’t have that option available to me. I want to run bridge mixer and unreal offline with activated licenses and my mega scan assets off an external. Please can you help me I would really appreciate it, I am a little desperate. Just wanna say I love what you are doing and I really appreciate you making this content available to play around with.

South Africa

You wouldn’t be able to do it that way, the launcher will download what it needs and install it for you so you would have to be running the launcher on the machine you want to install it on, it’s not going to simply download a big installation file.
The alternative is that you can download the source from Github and move that to your Windows PC but then you’ll have to compile it which is annoying to do if you don’t have experience compiling source code.

hey thank you for the response, that’s really sad news as I have no experience in compiling source code whatsoever… Kinda stuck for options now… I would try and find a hardware solution to try and give the PC some ability to use my wifi network but with the lockdown, in SA that’s simply not possible. If you do think of some alternative or have an update please let me know, I will in the meantime try and find some alternative way to get wifi to the PC. Thanks for you response, at least I know where I stand