Download Unreal Engine .exe

i want to download Unreal Engine like Unreal Development Kit instead of installing it from the launcher,please have an option for 4.8 release so that i can download it in Internet cafes with high speed internet.also all of the marketplace contents both free and learn tab contents right from the webpage.
also Unreal Tournanment Editor and Unreal Tournament game.Please help me build games and not limit me because of my slow internet speed at home.

You can download the source at github in the internet cafe and save everything to an usb stick or external hard drive and then compile it locally at home.

i want the binary of all,i dont want to compile

Then you just can’t use UE4.

The launcher is better than UDK anyway. Its a lot easier to manage versions than with UDK.

But thats not something thats found on an internet cafe PC…

There is no way around it. And dont worry, VisualStudio does the compiling for you :smiley: