Download tree for UE4

Download tree for UE4

Hi everyone
I found this tree that I put myself
And put to use on your friends
Only UE4


Edited to remove link as tree was created with a cracked version of SpeedTree modeler.

Looks cool. Thanks khazande. :slight_smile:

Is that a Speed Tree tree?

But this tree is for Ue4

Please can you tell me where to put its files or how to import it to UE4 Editor? Thanks

Its in FBX format and the textures are in TGA format, just import using the content manager.

Thanks , nice work :slight_smile:

When importing the tree to the UE4Editor 5I am using 4.0.2 build), I got this errors message:

The first one just tells you that you use a old fbx version -> but that wont do anything, so just ignore it. For the 2nd you you should enable the export smoothing group in your 3d program, because otherwise you wont have any smoothing group in the ue4 on that mesh

You mean khazande has to do that in his 3d program and not me right? Cus he was the one who uploaded the tree.

Either he or you ^^ But when everything looks fine in the UE4, you wont have to do something

I thought speedtree’s where not working in UE4 yet?
If someone has them working can they put together a quick workflow tutorial - versions used etc?

I would be very surprised if giving that tree away like this doesn’t violate their license agreement.

Has anyone used this yet? I clearly had some problems because my leaves look nowhere near as bushy as what it does in khazande’s picture.

Can someone please post some screens showing how they set up the materials? I’d like to compare it to mine.

Here is a really basic material setup:

-Enable two sided
-choose the “subsurface” light mode
-choose opacity mask as blend mode

Thanks fighter, that really made a huge difference. See below the rubbish I was getting with the mat I made.



John I am kinda with you on that being I have been watching this thread with no updates since it started really.

Also whenever I tried to import my speedtree’s it did pop up a speed tree importer but it doesn’t work. Is it just a version issue and need a newer version of speedtree or something?

SpeedTree is currently not supported, you will have to convert it to a fbx file instead

Hi everyone
My friends and I really apologize
I just got this thread and I thank the President for his fighter5347 little training.
The software speedtree
Yes, the engine still does not support speedtree

I thought it supports SpeedTree. You can’t just import UDK compiled trees because it’s version 5. And there is no free ST 6 Compiler (yet).

I put your fbx tree and applied the “SimpleGrassWind” node to leaves material’s World Position Offset input so the tree now looks more “alive”.